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Commercial Roof Installation


We offer all types of high quality commercial roofing products to our customers for longevity and piece of mind. We install all of our roofs up to code and stand by all work safety regulations. All roofs are warrantied by us for 10 - 15 years at no extra cost. Contact us for a free roof consultation today.



EPDM rubber roof membrane is one of the leading commercial products in the field. It takes extensive experience to learn the installation process. All installation steps must be performed properly on all flat roofs because of lower pitch. These type of roofs last 20-25 years when installed and maintained regularly,


TPO roofing is a newer product in the commercial roofing industry. Business owners are starting to choose this product more often because of it durability an benefits. All seams are mended together by heat gun making it  very durable to all types of weather and ponding water. It also helps alot with roof heat as its color is white. It can lower roof temp up to a 30 degree difference, drastically reducing energy costs to your business. These type of roofs last 30-40 years with proper installation and maintenance.

tpo roof.JPG
torch down.JPG


Modified bitumen roof systems are an older type of commercial roofing but still does its job. It is more cost effective and ideal for reroofs on buildings with the same existing material. It is a torch applied product and very durable. These type of roofs last about 10-15 years with proper installation and regular maintenance.


Silicone roof coating is one of the fastest growing products in the flat roof industry. It can be applied by rollers or sprayed down. Roof needs to be cleaned with pressure washers and prepped by sealing all seams and open penetrations. Coating is then applied. We offer full 10 year warranties with the installation of this product. It is ponding waterproof and lasts 30 years! It even lowers roof temperatures and energy costs.

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